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A cabal of corrupt officials—including a police officer, a district attorney, a defense attorney, and a judge—helps to free the suspects. Riley then vanishes. Five years later, she resurfaces as a lone killing machine whose targets are the entire drug network and the officials who are in its grip. She endures grievous wounds, and, because she is living off the grid and unable to risk exposure in the medical system, she treats them herself, with a staple gun and duct tape.

It features a diverse cast of actors in roles that go beyond stereotypical criminals including Annie Ilonzeh and Eddie Shin, as F. A final fillip of cavalier connection between police and vigilante practices suggests that American heroism is defined by unlawful actions undertaken by the agents of the law, acting in their own name in unleashing violence against those whom, in their determination, deserve it.

But when their cover is blown, a really silly fight breaks out. This includes sound effects straight out of Looney Tunes. The music is really something else. Instead of going for your typical wacka-jo-wacka guitar that seemed all the rage in these films see Mitchell for a perfect example , the team goes for something with a bit more classical feel.

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These pieces stand out mostly because they sound so out of place and kinda cheesy. So really I should just relax and enjoy the jiggly ride, right?

For the most part I agree. This was never meant to be great art, or anything more than some silly entertainment that guys will enjoy. Mike and the bots are up to the task, even if it means sitting through the painful Jim Backus scenes. Episode Review:. This episode came near the end of season six of the series, and that means that boys were firing on all cylinders at this point.

Mike, Trace and Kevin had reached their pinnacle of riffing delivery by this point and combined with the right movie and the writing team at the top of their game, you can expect one hell of an episode.

Even when scenes get bogged down in talky moments luckily not too frequent in this film , the boys have a target rich environment commenting on the cars, fashions or slang of the day. And since this is Comedy Central era episode, the riffing is still pretty good natured, and never gets too nasty.

During an extended flashback that opens the film in which teacher April tells us how she got involved with her posse , the girls are all posing in a field wearing their spandex and stumbling over their lines. Not all the jokes are based on the girls. Jack Palance is doing his typical craggy acting style and obviously there for the paycheck. The boys have a field day with him playing the enforcer and adding their own lines to his grumpy dialogue. They even do a call back to his previous appearance on the show in Outlaw. As a kid makes off with some drugs, the pusher chases after him.

Jack shifts into high gear — which turns out to be a half interested jog. Nearly all the guest stars in the movie get some prime riffing. Of course Alan Hale Jr. Pat Buttram keeps using barnyard slang, so the boys come up with some creative terms of their own. His scenes are really, really unfunny, and pretty painful to watch. His over the top portrayal of a right wing militant, combined with the poor acting by our heroine, and the comic relief militiamen form a perfect storm or un-funny. The host segments are quite a bit of fun too. Things start off with Crow realizing that he has amnesia.

Then the mad scientists reveal that the ratings for the show are down, so they need to do something to increase interest quickly. They dress like their favorite relief pitchers from the s. Then they use a food additive to turn Mike and bots into the cast of the s series Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas.

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Biker Mike is pretty hilarious. At the first break Crow shares a script for his new blacksploitation film. At the next break Mike does his Fonzy impression. The bots respond with a cannon aimed at him. After the movie ends Tom unveils his Shame-o-meter. It measures waves of shame from a performance in units of Lawfords, up to Giga-Lawfords. They use it on clips from the movie, and the Shame-o-meter nearly explodes.

But it also makes for one of the funniest episodes of season six and certainly in my top twenty list for all time best episodes of the series.

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I give it five souped up attack vans, out of five. This episode is available on the Mystery Science Theater Volume 1. Posted by Roman J. Martel at PM.

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Mela July 19, at AM. Roman J. Martel July 19, at AM.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The Angels even have their own souped up attack van! Teen Trish ends up saving the day, and looking cute all at the same time. Buttram unleashes a torrent of homespun chestnuts. I'll try to avoid using the words chest and nuts in this review again.