Differentiating Assessment in the Reading Workshop

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Students receive a breakdown of their scores and examine their needed zone of learning: word analysis and vocabulary, interpretive comprehension, or literary response. During their post-assessment conference with me, students record their area of focus on the Shooting for Success Worksheet PDF and choose three specific skills within that area to focus on during reading. Following the assigned reading, they have until the end of a set period to complete an Area of Focus Worksheet PDF tailored to their need i.

Afterwards, we have a whole class discussion on the reading. Each student can contribute to the discussion, but the responses are geared towards his or her area of focus. Although everyone is reading the same material, students are focusing on the particular skills they need to strengthen, as recorded on their worksheet. To motivate students on their journey towards being better readers, I use a theme: Dive Into a Good Book.

At the beginning of the year I show video clips of various high divers I recorded from the Olympics. You could also use pictures downloaded from the Internet. I carry the theme over with artwork on their monthly logs and bookmarks. Ultimately, all divers hit the water, but each person's actual dive towards the water can be very different. Similar to the diver, all the students are heading towards the goal of becoming a good reader, but they have the opportunity to do it at their own pace and by focusing on their area of need. They are also given the choice to do independent, buddy reading as a "Dynamic Duo," or participate in a literature circle.

Not every child can demonstrate what has been learned in the same manner. By providing students with an option of assessments tailored to their strengths and interests, I receive an assessment product of higher quality. These are some of the options I offer students:. Their written assignments are differentiated based on the level of the guided reading group and the focus of the strategy. Some of the assignments that have been effective for my students include:.

Response to Intervention

It also has great ideas and websites for author studies, book reports, genre studies, and individual research project templates. Teacher advisors share strategies and lessons that allow them to differentiate instruction at every grade level.

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Helping Students Own Their Learning Students must learn to be active participants in their learning, but they must have a direction to follow. Literature circles meet on a regular basis to discuss the book they have chosen to read. I give them a selection of books to choose from that are at a Lexile level everyone in the class can read. It is based on area of interest and not reading level.

For example, right now I have literature circles based on Andrew Clements books. I give a quick book talk on each book and then dismiss students to choose a literature circle to join if they are interested. The differentiation occurs in the products completed for the readings, such as. They are able to share their ideas and are required to take responsibility for their completed work.

1. Nurturing Environment

They are responsible for bringing their assigned worksheet during our discussions. Learn how to utilize small-group instruction to equip all readers with multiple strategies to process text. Gain ideas for how to employ effective teacher language that can be used during guided reading to teach, prompt, and reinforce. Learn intervention strategies designed to help readers progress to the next level. Combine the data you already collect to construct a triangulation of data for each child.

Utilize data to determine where students fall in the scaffold of literacy skills. The stakes are high, and the heat is on. Student achievement in reading is as important now as ever. Teachers need the tools and strategies to deliver research-based best-practice methods. Our strategies are classroom-tested and practical! Using time effectively is essential. In order for small-group guided reading instruction to be effective, time with the teacher has to be carefully planned and purposeful. Learn to make the most of your small-group time! Differentiation is challenging but necessary. Teachers are used to dealing with students who have diverse needs, but knowing how to meet those needs in the area of reading is a priority.

Meet students at their instructional level! Learn the answers to these questions and many more! Kristi's personality and energy were fun! You could see her passion for reading the way she presented!

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She does not present in isolation but shows real living examples of practices she uses as she is teaching" Maureen Hoffman-Wehmeier , teacher at Greenwood Middle School, Greenwood, IN "Awesome! Kristi took a heavy topic and gave us practical ways to make big changes. Once I register, when does my access start? Once you register and submit payment, you will be redirected to the workshop page which contains all the videos included in your workshop enrollment. How long do I have access to the workshop? Once you enroll in the online workshop, you can access the content for 30 days.

The self-paced format means you determine how fast or slow you move through the workshop. Here you'll find classroom-ready worksheets and blackline masters, along with videos and articles to take your learning further. Teachers love the way the "Secret Site" helps them implement what they learn in the workshop.

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