Israels Right to Defend Itself: Implications for Regional Security and U.S. Interests

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Arab radicalism, terrorism and conspiracy against Israel are not new. Specifically, in paragraph 5 of the resolution, the Council:.

Israel: Background and U.S. Relations in Brief

In the vote pattern, America abstained from voting, thus demonstrating non-involvement in an exercise the U. Little did euphoria of the UNSC resolution allow its captive-supporters to reason that in a state-centric global diplomatic circle where there is no reality of absolute end to national interests, the U.

It is incontrovertible that the U. On 6 December , U. The president drew attention to irrefutable facts:. Ever since then, Israel has made its capital in the city of Jerusalem — the capital of the Jewish people established in ancient times. Today, Jerusalem is the seat of modern Israeli government It is the official residence of the Prime Minister and the President.

It is the headquarters of many government ministries. President Trump regretted that in the past, the policy of the United States along with virtually every other nation in the world failed, because they declined to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel since Israel attained nationhood on 15 May The president argued that his decision was in consonance with his presidential campaign promise and U. He added that he would begin preparations to move the U.

The Evolving World Order: Implications for Israel and the Jewish People

Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The president insisted that the declaration did not serve as a foreclosure of ultimate Israeli-Palestinian two-State final status negotiation on specific boundaries The Times of Israel which he is committed to midwife [ 4 ].


In the past, while U. Sources: Adapted from Aljazeera 6 December In a telecast by Aljazeera on He urged leaders of the two states — Israel and Palestine — to return to the negotiation table. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted immediately:. Expectedly, based on what analysts recognised as a major turning point in U. Names, designations, and comments of American officials in support of the declaration are indicated in Table 2.


Table 2: U. Gleaning from comments on Table 2 reveals that although President Trump carefully chose his words in the declaration, other U. America officials praised President Trump bold decision to act in tandem with extant law and facts. Although the resolution carefully avoided direct mention of the U.

Disaster in the Desert

On Hanukkah, you spoke like a Maccabi. You lit a candle of truth. You dispel the darkness.

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One defeated the many. Truth defeated lies. Israel-Palestine peace process on the status Jerusalem derives from great power balance of power. With the relative preponderance of power in favour of the U. Conquer extremism and vanquish the forces of terrorism by denying terrorist organisations territory and population, stripping them of funds, and stopping the crisis of extremist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it inspires Although the declaration caused new rupture in U.

Over the years, Israeli-Palestinian conundrum persisted for lack of men of courage, reality-based declarative and enforcement capacity in a world community ruled by men of twisted ideas, facts and reality for narrow political objectives. It would seem that while the common denominator was finding peace, primary actors — the Middle East Quartet — approached the roadmap from different, albeit jaundiced prisms.

Thus far, no one could take the bull by the horns; no party could say how things really were. The State of Israel is blessed with historic leaders. Giving a speech at an event recognising the 3,th year of the existence of the City of Jerusalem, on 25 October , Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin stated:. We disagree on the means and the objective. In Israel, we all agree on one issue: the wholeness of Jerusalem, the continuation of its existence as capital of the State of Israel.

There are no two Jerusalems. Jerusalem is not subject to compromise, and there is no peace without Jerusalem Congress Senate vote: 93 to 5; and House of Representatives: to The Act formerly recognised the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called on the U. Bush and Barack H. Obama, who met the Act after it had become law, 10 days of passage, without presidential assent, while Congress was in session [ 10 ]. Israel has strong historical relationships with Superpower and great powers of the world. Israel has strong and deep relationship with the U.

Few years after declaration of the State of Israel in , the U. President John F.

The U. We are in position to make clear to the Arabs that we will maintain our friendship with Israel and our security guarantees I think it is quite clear that in the case of an invasion the United States would come to the support of Israel [ 1 ]. Growing support from the U. As the surviving global superpower, the U. It is unthinkable that the U. Israel and the U. The history and relationship between Israel and the U.

Ending America's Middle East Purgatory

To Israeli leaders, Jerusalem and some strategic positions are not subject to mere diplomatic formulae but an issue of life and death [ 13 ]. Again, the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, during his campaign did not mince words when he promised the American electorate and the world, at large, that the U. Under increased tension and anxiety following U. Despite personal diplomatic route, some other moderate Islamic countries relishing their diplomatic ties with the U.

At best, the scenario revealed rage and frustration from Palestinians and their supporters, tongue-in-the-cheek condemnation by moderate Arab States and other sympathiser-States to the Palestinian cause, and finally, silence-acquiescence by States preferring non-committal stance. A major source of disagreement on the U. The conclusion appear sweeping and peripheral to good grasp of the dynamics of international law because the view ignored the fact that many United Nations resolutions which constitute sources and precedents of international law on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict over Jerusalem, had been passed and remained disobeyed and unimplemented.

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Although resolution urged for withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories it occupied in the Six-Day War of , several accords — Camp David Accord , Oslo Accords , and Wye River Memorandum — initiated by the U. International law is in transition; if man had tried certain drugs to cure an ailment without success, logic expects he should change the drug; international law is in transition and the global mankind needs sanity and reality in international space of actors more than it romances polemics and confused idealism.

Unless, demands of Israel and Palestine are placed and treated evenly on the negotiation table, UNSC resolutions, heretofore refers as international law precedents will remain nothing but mere idealism, ideological dogma, parochial, and ineffectual on the road to peace. Israel is leading in international innovation ranking based on the following factors:.

Israel is the world leader in desalination, waste water recycling, and drip irrigation Jerusalem Press Club, 5 February Israel has technologically-driven robust economy to exhaust its Arab neighbours combined.

Royce Questions Morsi's Power Grab

The State of Israel has defence and security strategy to intimidate its Arab neighbours and ward off any crude weapon that could be thrown at its territory, population, and cherished values. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Click here to learn more. Subscribe to our summer-only newsletter to get great reads in your inbox once a week during July and August.

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