Kiss of the Vampire (Warriors of the Rift Book 1)

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Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift, she has spent her entire life struggling to control […]. Hot, like the life force that he has claimed. The power over life and death is the ultimate thrill. But now he must find the woman who carries his salvation in her very blood…a woman […]. Filled with breakneck […].

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Book But when a powerful council deems the angel has lost The politically correct term for what she is, is a hybrid and the incorrect term being half-breed. Nix has been called to the scene of a crime scene, the second in as many days. Someone appears to be targeting vampires and the kill methods suggests a preternatural was probably involved, but she's learned over the years never to assume anything without the proper evidence.

Kiss of the Vampire (Warriors of the Rift Book 1)

Her job is to determine whether humans were involved. What she finds when she gets to the scene, is that an old friend she'd lost touch with is the victim. To make matters worse, her old flame, Tobais, whom she hasn't seen since he walked out of her life, is the liaison between the vampires and the Council of Preternaturals.

Some days make you wonder why you even bothered to get up. The world building Ms. Garner has done is phenomenal. While not every question I have has been answered, this is only the first in a brand new series so I'll remain patient and cross my fingers all will be answered eventually. With a quick pace and plenty of action, drama, and suspense, I couldn't put the book down until I'd finished the last page. Nix has not lead an easy life. Her father was a human and her mother a demon. It was her mother who inadvertently killed her father.

She is what we would term a succubus and she sort of sucked the life force out of him while in the throws of passion. Don't you hate it when that happens? Nothing could tame the hostility her grandmother felt toward her demon spawned grandchild. Eventually Nix gave up trying to win her grandmother's love and became the difficult child her grandmother preordained her to be. That eventually lead to her living on the streets and gaining her street smarts and pickpocketing skills.

Get her mad and she sprouts horns and a temper which can skyrocket to an astronomical level. Tobias Caine is a vampire who isn't like the other EDs. He came through the rift in pursuit of the criminal who assassinated his leader. He's been tracking his suspect for over a hundred years and plans to return to his home once he's apprehended him. Five years ago he broke things off with Nix. He never told her the real reason he did it. If you're not happy in you marriage, get out of it before you start I liked the politics and prejudices that went on within that world.

I loved how vampires emitted pheromones which could cause a girl's toes to curl without a single touch. It made me smile. You should use extreme caution when reading a book with this rating in public. People may inquire as to why you looked flustered and flushed. Overall, I gave this one 5 of 5 roses.

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I look forward to reading the next book in the series. To read more of my reviews, please visit my blog at www. Mar 09, Natalie rated it liked it Shelves: So I picked this book up not really knowing what to expect. Nix is a half demon living in a world where no one really likes demons She is a very strong female lead, but not afraid to be emotional. That So I picked this book up not really knowing what to expect. That is a plus for me It's hard to find a good middle ground in PR's. Other characteristics of Nix She is written more as a regular person than most paranormal heroines are.

Tobias is the lead male and he is a vampire. He is not as likable as Nix in my opinion. I think it is because he comes off too much as an Alpha Male. Don't get me wrong, I like me some Alpha Males For once, I would like to see someone a little more His characteristics are strong, focused, determined, kind, loving and completely dominant in every situation. He makes it known to everyone that he is in charge of this investigation and do not cross him. It almost seems like that ones that are supposed to be in charge of him really aren't. He is the typical dominant man. He does, however, have some soft, tender and emotional moments It also grated on my nerves every time he called Nix honey.

It just didn't sound right coming from him Dante is a detective with the human police force. He has been working with Nix on several cases for a little over a month now He knows what she is a doesn't care. He is kind, funny, strong, determined and very loyal. I would have rather seen a relationship with him Nix and Tobias' relationship Nix explains that they dated for a year and then Tobias just left her out of nowhere. It is 5 years later and she is still hurt and confused. Things only get worse when he arrives back in town to help with a case she and Dante are on.

She tries to act relaxed and normal So she is a walking ball of turmoil trying to keep herself in line.

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For Tobias, he keeps trying to play it cool too but it isn't working out for him either. He is just as emotionally messed up as Nix and can't hold it in any longer. Finally, Tobias gives in and makes a move and the dance begins. It is back and forth between them He doesn't want to trigger her demoness, and she doesn't want to have her heart broken again. Vampires are being murdered There doesn't seem to be any link between each victim Tobias, Nix and Dante are out together, hunting for information and not having much luck at all. Of course, a convenient little tip comes their way and things start adding up quickly.

So it is a hunt to find out why these vamps are being killed and who it behind it all. While hunting down the baddie, one member of this Scooby Gang gets seriously injured and life hangs in the balance. So, the race is on and it is a long road to the finish line for this crew. This was not a bad story all in all. No, I didn't partiularly like the male lead He was at least tolerable.

The mystery was what kept me page turning. It was written really well Either way, it was a good in between read for me. I will get the next book if Dante is the lead male Jan 26, Arianna rated it really liked it Shelves: Riusciranno Tobias e Nix a mettere da parte il loro passato per affrontare questa sfida? Ayliss e Amyra la apriranno la breccia?

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Vale la pena avere intorno questi viaggiatori stile Stargate? E invece io devo dire che ho trovato tutta la cosa abbastanza inquietante, alieni che vengono e ti rubano il corpo… eeew! Occhi gialli e corna quando ti arrabbi? Dec 28, Cana Elene http: He thinks he can stay strong, not tempt her demon to come out and play, but in such tight quarters as looking for a murderer, things do not always go as planned.