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Though this isn't the first time we've seen conspiracy theories supported on the world's stage, Trump's obsession with anti-science is showing just how easy it is to reject truth, if you have a loud enough voice.

Karl Popper, Science, & Pseudoscience: Crash Course Philosophy #8

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Goop Enters Netflix Deal: Has Pseudoscience Found A New Platform?

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The 19th-Century Pseudo-Science Trend That Gave Us ‘Animal Magnetism’

Examples are phrenology, which employs features of the head that are normally unnoticed, and the reading of moles, where the body is treated as a microcosm bearing astrological signs. They rejected all traditional medicines which failed in scientific tests. They did not announce victory and rested in its laurels when they found a modest benefit. They continued their research until they could identify the useful molecule in the herb,, modified it several times in the laboratory, so that it will have a prolonged shelf life and least adverse events.

The Nobel prize for artemisinin was not an honor for traditional medicine, but an honor for rigorous following of method of science to get a useful product for humankind. If India could follow this example, some time in future, Indian scientists may be able to show the world a truly effective drug from among Indian medicinal herbs.


Then it will not be part of pseudo science, but part of scientific medicine like artemisinin. Then Indians can have real nationalist pride of their scientists, unlike the current hyper nationalist manufactured irrational pride of their traditional therapies. Thank you for this. China did the right thing on artemisinin, but the state of medical research in China is very mixed. The majority of research supporting acupuncture comes from the mainland, and the quality of that research is such that attempts to replicate it outside China are very rarely successful.

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Yes, quality of research in general from China is questionable. Do Ayurvedic texts from years ago claim any success with diabetes?

I suspect any long term success would come after insulin became a treatment. Ayurvedic texts do describe Diabetes and prescribe exercise for it.

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