The Millennials Guide to Office Life: 20 Apparently Necessary Tips

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You know when someone points out some obscure yet plausible reason why something is happening, but in reality the two are unrelated? My toxic manager had played the system so that she would get the bulk of the commissions. All her arbitrary rules, on what could be accepted plus her rules on which clients were hers, favored her heavily. She knew this full and well but still took the digs at me for being low performing compared to her.

I need to make all the deals. She was numero uno and that was all that mattered. For those dealing with a toxic manager and toxic workplace environment here are a few thoughts of advice:. Pick your battles but speak up! Plain and clear. Let the other person be defensive and show how they are not screwing you over.

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Break down your interactions and minimize them. I only had to work with EK 3 times a week and sometimes it would be 2 or 1 times due to holidays and PTO. In the larger scheme of things we only worked together days out of the year. Our overall interaction in a day might add up to an hour. Dealing with her was manageable when I thought of it that way. Documenting everything can save your ass especially in a company that likes to point fingers.

You can build a case too on how you were a good and reliable employee and how your employee committed wrongful termination. Think about the bigger picture. Your manager is one person in a small part of your life.

e-book The Millennials Guide to Office Life: 20 Apparently Necessary Tips

She or you may leave for a better opportunity. But life has taught me that challenges are temporary. Things are always changing: My toxic manager left! The corporate environment is a living breathing organism, constantly changing.

Stay strong and stay motivated! Killer Resume or Interview That Wows? Which Is Better?

In a previous post I mentioned the power of positivity. I think now is a good time for me to discuss the power to change and the importance of good thoughts. We are severely short staffed and everyone is stressed and overworked.

My Medical Billing Issues

Apparently this is a good time for my Director to come in and shake things up. In his time at our office, he changed our deal flow, set up a billion meetings and let our underperforming admins go. While my director was there I did all my duties, with no complaint and then some extra.

I took this opportunity to make sure all my strengths were known and I took on a lot more to show I was reliable.

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I tried my best to keep her spirits up but I think she was reaching the end of her rope. A week later my Director was making plans to send her packing. She was getting paid for her time there, not just for her responsibilities. Change is natural in an organization.

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One persons opposition is not going to stop the will of the organization and the change that comes with it. Since then, my Director has confided in me that his job is actually really thankless. My receptionist is gone and I really wish she would have just put on a happy face. She knew her job but the additional tasks that she opposed so fiercely cost her a job. Keep your head low Not everyone likes change or will be even welcoming to the change. You can start by learning the new program and training others on how to use it, bringing up questions about the change, or training the new employee on how to do things.

Work is just work, and change comes with it. Having The power to change your perspective is so important, as well as good thoughts! The best thing to do is go with the flow and see how it all plays out. Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation. Why Integrity Matters.

I took this corporate job a year ago. I thought it was the only way. My husband had been layed off from work around that time and it had seemed like a godsend. I feel like my job is killing me. I lost my drive; the motivating factor that kept me going when I was self employed. I lost knowing that the work was MINE. I was okay during the transition. Sure my job is very difficult at times but it seemed fine and dandy. But I was the new kid on the block. I slowly built alliances with my manager and coworkers and pretty much played the office politics game of testing the waters.

The first red flag was when I saw that the receptionists kept leaving. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.

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The receptionists were the bottom totem pole and were not getting credit for the load they were supporting. Nothing boring happens at my job, let me just tell you that. Second major red flag was when I brought up an issue I was having with a computer program I was using.

Most of us hate thinking about money, so we don’t

I pointed out all the relevant facts to the issue and just wanted it resolved, an answer or some sort of protocol. That was the email sent to me and everyone cced in response to my work and emails. I appreciate your input in the debate! I agree Scott. I grew with up with no air conditioning in our home. No Internet, computers, cell phones. I have way more in common with people 10 years older than me. Actually people 10 years older than me can say all those same exact things i just listed.

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