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The cooperation with a lot of hospitals in Erlangen makes the Friedrich Alexander University to one of the ten largest universities in Germany. The palace garden in the center of the city offers a great atmosphere. Right next to the faculty of the university is the Orangerie of the palace with direct access to the university street. The park has many beautiful places that are used for sports, reading and relaxing and makes the students' lunch time especially in summer.

The palace garden is also a popular place for graduation parties and festivals. A beautiful place to study. Sie wurde im In this way the May began in Germany at the Northern Sea. In the north of Germany the summer feeling began early this year. Just in time for school holidays, families enjoyed the warm sand, the warm water and good food. A perfect place if you need time to relax!

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Even from the south of Germany people travel to the north. Not only the coast is an attractive holiday destination for many people, also the islands around the mainland. All public ferries are also easy to reach. A visit to German beaches is worthwhile for everyone! So hat der Mai in Deutschland an der Nordsee angefangen.

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Wer Zeit zum Entspannen braucht ist hier genau richtig! Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria with about half a million inhabitants and is in the heart of Franconia. Not only does it contain a dramatic and fascinating past, but also a wonderful old town, and many international fairs and with great locations in the middle of nature.

City life beckons many residents and tourists to visit.

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Large parks and a great public transportation systems connect the three cities and the people. The surrounding lakes, the open air events, and the castle at night should especially be visited during the springtime.

All shops and squares light up with a magic blue glow, while artists and storeowners present their works. Many visitors meet for music, cocktails, and good food on the streets dancing the night away. If this is too much blue, you can also visit the public gardens, the zoo, or enjoy long walks to many different cities. Despite the high population, Nuremberg has remained welcoming and pleasant. If you are planning a trip to Germany, the middle of Franconia should not be missed! Wer eine Reise nach Deutschland plant, der sollte sich die Mitte Frankens nicht entgehen lassen!

Like this: Like Loading GermanSchool campus celebrates its third Carnival Season at the School this year.

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Join us! Please let us know if you are coming by!

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Watch out for details on Facebook. July 4th is a off Like this: Like Loading German National Day — Tag der Dt. Einheit October 3rd commemorates the reunification of Germany. The man, who left a lasting impact on religion, education and the German language October 3rd is just one date this month that carries a lot of importance in German history. Education for ALL Luther was a born reformer.

More information to follow. The cultures of the German-speaking world have had an enormous influence on American culture. The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is the third largest university in Bavaria. Spring in Franconia! Die Blaue Nacht Spring in Franconia!

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Vorstufe Pre K Jahre 2. Kindergarten A. Grundstufe A1. Mittelstufe A2. Fortgeschrittene Mittelstufe B1 9. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Ok No Privacy policy. Revoke cookies. For the d-pronoun, however, we see a difference regarding the four coherence relations. Most of the continuations serve as a result for the event of the preceding context sentence. This contrasts with findings that there is no connection between choice of referential form and coherence relations e.

Before any conclusions can be drawn from this finding, further experiments are necessary in order to see whether this finding, which was obtained in a situation in which participants were not free with regard to the choice of an antecedent phrase, can be confirmed. The characteristics of an antecedent being an object in sentence-final position makes it more likely to be taken up again as a d-pronoun.

However, the rate of d-pronouns is still low even in cases where it is favored by several properties, as when the referent is an object that is new to the discourse. Since this decision has to be made even if there is no competitor to the actual antecedent, an absolute decision criterion is needed. The numbers printed in boldface are the cases that are erroneously classified by this simple decision criterion.

For the p-pronoun, this is lower than what was achieved by the logistic regression model introduced above, but it is higher in the case of the d-pronoun.

This difference reflects the fact that the decision criterion does not take into account that p-pronouns are much more frequent than d-pronouns in our corpus sample, something which is taken care of by the logistic regression analysis. More important than the absolute success rates is what we learn by taking a closer look at the cases where the accessibility-based criterion fails. This is the prototypical context for the use of a d-pronoun, and p-pronouns are therefore least expected.

Nevertheless, the author of this text decided to use the p-pronoun instead. We suspect that this is an effect of the prescriptive rule to avoid d-pronouns for human referents. Although this rule does not in general prevent writers to use d-pronouns for referring to humans, some effect cannot be excluded. Classifying all web sources of our corpus sample as to formal style is beyond the scope of this paper.

We must leave this as a topic for future research. It is clear, however, that this factor cannot act in a categorical way.


As witnessed by the example, this did not prevent the writer from using a d-pronoun for referring to the former German chancellor. Here, the d-pronoun seems to be used for reasons of emphasis. Furthermore, there is a kind of parallelism effect. A stressed pronoun, in contrast, could not have been used, because then a contrastive reading would have resulted, but contrastiveness does not seem to play a role in these examples. Emphasis might also play a role in other examples with the d-pronoun, but we do not think that the use of the d-pronoun always involves emphasis.

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Capturing emphasis in a corpus study is very difficult, if possible at all. In contrast to language comprehension, language production requires an absolute notion of accessibility because a choice between p-pronoun and d-pronoun is necessary even when ambiguity is not at issue. The corpus data show that such an absolute notion of accessibility can be defined in terms of givenness and syntactic prominence, which comprises both syntactic function and clausal position.